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November 21, 2022

Industries and Jobs That Make Use of Mid Term Rentals


If an Executive is promoted and needs help with relocation, or an employee is seconded onto a new project in a new city for a period of weeks or months, organizations will often call upon a mid term rental or Executive rental company to help.

But there are also a number of individuals who because of the nature of their work or vocation also require somewhere to stay. Or they are in an industry that has a demand for this type of accommodation.

These people come from a variety of backgrounds including:

  1. Film and TV Industry. With continued production incentives and lower costs many large US film companies and TV production companies use Canada for film shoots and series. This often brings dozens and sometimes hundreds of actors, crew and ancillary staff to a city or town. Not only is this a boom for local businesses but also means a demand for mid term rental properties.
  2. Healthcare Workers. As treatments and healthcare work experience become more specialized it can mean certain jobs require more mobility and availability in a health region or hospital for extended periods of time. Many cities also have active physical recruitment programs and want to showcase the best to win over a highly sought-after Dr.
  3. Insurance. Sadly disaster can strike and the reason you pay those premiums to insurance companies is for them to be there when you need them. Time is always of the essence, so often the insurance company has contacts in mid term rentals.
  4. Contractors and Builders. Forward-thinking renovation companies and builders are now looking to be a one-stop shop for the homeowner. That includes wanting the whole project to go smoothly. Helping the client find alternative accommodation if the project is going to be particularly disruptive is an added touch that can cement the relationship.
  5. Realtors. One strong reason that a buyer of a home hesitates is when they fear there is going to be a gap between moving out of their existing home and into the new one. A realtor wants to lessen the chance of this and so having a ready list of mid term rental options can really smooth the sale.
  6. Moving Companies. Moving is stressful at the best of times. If your new home isn’t going to be ready it often is way cheaper to put furniture in storage than find an empty rental unit to use in the interim. Mid term rental properties don’t only come with a high level of amenities and appliances but also are fully furnished, creating a home away from home.
  7. Relocation Experts. Often with Executive and Senior Manager relocates a corporation will want to make the whole experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. After all, they want the employee to perform effectively in their new role as soon as possible. Relocation companies can affect that for a company by managing the whole process, including finding a suitable executive rental and corporate housing companies.

A house or apartment with full amenities and being able to cook, just like home, is a more appealing situation than the same four walls of a hotel room and the less-than-healthy menu options of the attached chain restaurant.

If you work in one of these industries or jobs or another that has a need for quality mid term rentals in Canada please reach out and let us know how we can help.

Or if you know you have a need fill out this form  and we will be in touch with suitable properties


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