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December 21, 2022

3 Important Elements to Look for in a Corporate Rental Company


Promotion to a new role can be an exciting time for an employee as their career progresses and they realize some of the goals they had set when joining the organization.

But if the new job involves a company move or relocation it can also be a stressful time for the employee and their family. It can even result in the newly promoted employee questioning the opportunity.

If their relocation is going to take time because of house sales or children’s school calendars the prospect of week after week in a faceless hotel room only increases the potential pangs of regret.

Mid term rentals or executive rentals can be a great solution to this. Organizations that have their employees move for relocation, secondment or even longer term projects benefit from having an existing relationship with a reliable mid term rental property company.

Here are three key elements to look for;

  1. Amenities. Ensure that the properties offered have high levels of amenities as standard. This should include a fully functioning kitchen, and other items that you might expect when at home. A list like this  You do not want employees to think they have to go down the street to do their washing or have nowhere to connect or a place to work from if they are doing some of their work from ‘home’.
  2. Variety. Look for a company that can offer a range of types of properties AND locations. That way you know you are not going to be struggling to accommodate a single executive or be unable to help a family move into a good school district. People love their pets as much as anything and you do not want them thinking they are going to have to board fido or kitty so look for plenty of properties that are pet friendly.
  3. Responsiveness. You are busy and you also would not want your employee or executive spending time distracted with finding a property. At the end of the day, the employee is in this new role or project to do a job. You want to have a company that responds in a timely manner and has the ability to make things happen quickly and efficiently.

These three elements are important when you are looking for corporate housing or executive rentals. But they are also an indication of how a mid term rental company approaches everything they do. If they cannot get the core things right what happens when there is a problem? You don’t want to find out the hard way.

Ultimately you want a mid term rental company that can offer your employees and their families a home away from home. This will enhance the transition process and ensure you have a happy and productive worker in their role from day one.

If you have a specific executive or corporate rental need please complete this form and we will come back to you with a selection of properties.

Or contact us and let’s start the conversation so we are ready when you need us.

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