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Mid Term Rental Online Course

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When it comes to corporate housing, our mid term rental properties and executive rentals are perfect for any length of stay from 30+ days upward.  All come equipped with everything your employees need to feel right at home. With a variety of locations across Canada, we are sure to have a property that’s just right for your needs.

We have partners with properties across Canada who all offer fully furnished executive rentals for a home away from home experience for your corporate team members.

All of our properties are entire units with a specific level of amenities – click Property Amenities for a full list.

Introducing the mid term rental strategy that is fast becoming our favourite approach with many of our properties and is applicable and actionable across ANY market and ANY country.

Now you can implement this exact strategy in your real estate investing business through the Mid Term Rental Online Course

Mid Term rentals could see your real estate investing business thrive in 2023 and beyond when many may be thinking about restricting activity or only planning to try and ride out the economic uncertainty.

This intensive 7-week program was led by three experienced real estate investors, Sarah Larbi, Aisha Govani and Lee Pollock and supported by a group of leading experts and professionals from real estate, finance, law, accounting, insurance and renovations.

The content was delivered in informative and interactive weekly webinars lasting around 60 minutes and then 30 minutes of Q&A.

We have now turned this program into a self-study online course with all the recordings, interactions and student questions.  PLUS – All the slides and any resources are available with lifetime access.

As a real estate investor of seven years, I have been following Sarah's content from the beginning because she always provided tremendous value. When I heard about the mid term rental course, I jumped at the chance to invest in learning about this untapped strategy. The course gave me a solid basis of understanding on all thing's midterm rental related for Southern Ontario and a sturdy platform to launch one of my properties into this promising strategy. I love that Sarah always over delivers on valuable content, is generous with her time, and encourages questions. I'm looking forward to using her clear system to evaluate some of my properties to see if they have mid term rental potential. I highly recommend anyone interested in real estate investing to take one of Sarah's comprehensive courses. She is consistently ahead of the curve, inspires others to take action, and cheers on the successes of her students!
Kristina U
Real Estate Investor

We have added 3 Bonus webinars to the program which are accessible for all past current and new students. These webinars are recorded and were designed to help you build your mid term rental business and the Mid Term Rental Team were on hand to offer the latest insights, strategies and tactics to make your business a success. 

Reserve your seat now for only $997 plus HST

Includes one property listing on the Mid Term Rental Directory. Value $299 plus HST and access to the webinars.

“I have been following Sarah Larbi’s podcast for quite some time now and always gain new knowledge in regards to real estate investing. I currently own 4 investment properties and have been considering the next one to be used differently. When I saw the Mid Term Rentals course come up, it was a no-brainer. This course provided everything I needed to know including things like where to get stats in relation to occupancy, competition, amenities, etc.. to what you’ll need for the property, how to market it and more. My favorite part was the sharing of service providers that you need to consider as part of your team when dealing with mid term rentals like lawyers, cleaning professionals, and insurance companies. I will be referring back to the program notes often. It was very valuable information and some of it relates to all types of rentals. I’m glad to have this information in my back pocket!”
Trish C
Realtor and Real Estate Investor

Course Outline

#1What is the Mid Term Strategy and how does it compare to Short or Long Term?
#2What you need to know in order to set this up right from a paralegal’s point of view
#3What top amenities do you need to have for the highest occupancy?
#4What to know about Accounting, Tax, Financing and Insurance
#5What you need to know and do to successfully manage your mid term portfolio

Plus 2 bonus classes – covering short term and vacation rentals and a fuller Q&A.

3 Bonus webinars have been added to the curriculum for access for all students. 


“Time and money invested in Sarah Larbi’s courses is always a great investment! I purchased BRRRR course last year and took an action; once I heard about mid term rental course, I knew I will derive a huge value from it and I will take an action! Knowledge is power! This course gives me confidence in my next step on my real estate investment journey. What I liked the most about this course is attention to each detail of this strategy! It is a very unique strategy as it does not fall under STR nor under LTR. When you know what exactly you are doing, running your numbers and follow the system; then there is no fear but confidence and excitement about the deal. Very happy to be a part of it knowing that there is always support from like-minded people. Thank you!”
Elena D
Real Estate Investor

What is covered in the course:

Class 1

  • What is the Mid Term Strategy and how does it compare to Short or Long Term?
  • What types of properties and markets work best on the mid term strategy?
  • How to analyze the income and expenses and total ROI for this strategy?
  • How to find and buy a property with the highest success rate?

Class 2

  • How to avoid the RTA and LTB as much as possible
  • What you need to know in order to set this up right from a paralegal’s point of view
  • How to best handle difficult guests and renters
  • What to do if a guest won’t leave or damages the property
  • Screening guests on and off Airbnb and other platforms

Class 3

  • What renovations may be best for mid term tenants
  • What top amenities do you need to have for the highest occupancy
  • How to best design and set up the mid term properties
  • How to market and find clients through various platforms and strategies (not relying solely on Airbnb)

Class 4

  • What you need to know about:
  • Accounting
  • Financing
  • Taxes
  • Insurance

Class 5

  • What you need to know and do to successfully manage your mid term portfolio
  • Managing seasonality, bookings and occupancy levels
  • Managing your guests and guest interactions
  • Managing your team, coordinating bookings and staff between guest stays and delegating
  • Hiring a property management company vs self-managing

Bonus Call: Short-Term & Vacation Rental Market

  • What you need to consider specific to the short-term rental market
  • Vacation properties – insights and information

Bonus Call: Final Insights and Q&A

  • Hear all the class questions answered

Reserve your seat now for ONLY $997 plus HST

Includes one property listing on the Mid Term Rental Directory. Value $150 plus HST

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