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Mid Term Rentals Set Up and Consulting

Switching your existing investment properties to Mid Term might appear a daunting task. Plus you do not feel you have the time needed to get it all going.  

Perhaps you are considering getting into real estate investing. Corporate housing appears to be the way you want to go but you are not sure where to start

Or you have started to do executive rentals but you are not getting the bookings or traction you expected. 

Let Us Help You

We have been using executive rental and corporate housing strategies successfully for some time on many of our investment properties.

We have also been training and educating other investors on the mid term rental strategy through our online coaching program.

Our services can range from initial consultation and advice all the way through to setting up and furnishing your mid term rental properties. WE can then advise and help with marketing your ready to go to market mid term rentals. 

Find out how we can help you

Tell us a little more about your current situation and properties by completing the form below. 

We will review the form and then be in touch to let you know the next steps. 

Got more general questions? Please complete our general contact form here. 

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